Our Seats



Premium Flex Back Model

Our most popular design, the premium flexback model eliminates the need for a support bar across the back upper section. This design allows the seat to conform to the fan’s back, providing an unsurpassed level of comfort. The bottom cushion is comprised of three-inch, premium fire retardant foam and is water resistnat and UV protected.

Short Back Season Lease Model

Our short back season lease model features the same comfortable three-inch bottom cushion made with fire retardant and water resistant foam. The difference is the back, which only raises  6 to 8 inces off the bleachers and has no padding or bars.  This lower heigh allows it to work better in stadiums where there is a smaller distance between the rows.


Game Day Rental Model

Our game day rental seat features a frame constructed of 7/16-inch steel to prevent the seat from reclining to such an angle that would impose on any fan sitting behind an individual using our product. The bottom seat pad is comprised of three-inch, premium fire retardant foam and is water resistant and UV protected.

MVP Seat Model

The arena seat model is specifically designed to target the seating areas within your arena that feature a fold-down seat model. The arena seat model is customized to fit the fold-down seating sections in your facility.

Cushion Only Design

IMGCS offers a cushion only design that does not feature the padded back section. This product is perfect for seating areas that will not accommodate our traditional models. Consistent with our other designs, premium, marine-grade vinyl is used for the seat cushions. The cushions feature two web straps that allow the seat to flip forward so that fans can easily view their seat number.

Bleacher Back Design

The Bleacher Back model is perfect for those seating areas in your stadium that already have a preexisting back section attached to the bleacher. As with all IMGCS seat models, the Bleacher Back design will be custom made to compliment the seating areas in your facility.

Seat Design Specifications

We will work closely with your department to ensure that we provide a product that displays the exact Pantone color scheme and directly reflects the logo of your choice.